Face to Face Lessons

Details about Face to Face Lessons

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    1. I will be wearing a mask for the whole duration of lesson and change my mask every hour. I will also wear gloves. All students are required to wear a mask for the whole duration of their lesson too. You can step out for some fresh air if needed. The piano room window will be opened too. I have prepared a bulk of over 500 clinical and washable children/teenage/adult size masks for all of my students as I understand it is very difficult to get hold of a child sized mask right now. I am fortunate to have family support from Taiwan which is one of the best countries to handle this crisis. Taiwanese government helps people sending masks who have families in the UK right now. Students will have masks made from Taiwan which was used by the Royal Family and USA government. Every student will be given a mask when they come here, you can wash it, and use it each week for your lessons. For students who do not wear a mask, I will not be able to carry out a face to face lesson.

    2. I will use 75% alcohol spray on each student’s hands right before and after the lesson. I will use 10 minutes break between lessons to sanitize all piano keys before next student.

    3. Food is not allowed in the piano room so we reduce the chance of opening mouth and get exposed to the air circulation. Only water is allowed.

    4. Parents and all other siblings (unless waiting for their lesson, a mask is required too while waiting) wouldn’t be allowed to step inside the piano room and will have to wait in the car. This is to reduce the contact of people who touch things in your child’s learning environment. Only drop off/pick up. Parents please only touch the doorbell when coming to pick your child up. All communications can be done via calls/ messages/emails/whats app. Parents can talk to me too after the lesson but it will be done outside the house. A conversation longer than 5-10 minutes will be encouraged to use messages/emails/calls/videos.

    5. Anyone who has symptoms of Covid 19 in their household will automatically be advised to switch to online lessons for at least 2 weeks.

    6. All lessons payments will be made online via bank transfer instead of cash.

    7. There will be a yellow marking on the floor near the blue shed at the back garden. Next student can wait by the shed behind the “2 meters distance” marking. This is to help each student/family stay 2 meters apart.