Online Lessons

Details about Online Lessons

    1. The camera will be placed in an angle that the student can see my hands demonstration. Normally your laptop/iPad/camera will have a built in microphone. I use a separate microphone which has a better sound quality.

    2. A good internet connection will be required. During the duration of each student’s lesson, any family in the household is best not to stream/download any video.

    3. You will need to have an IPad/laptop placed right next to your piano. You don’t need to use a camera stand and set it up from the top view angle. I am able to instruct your play and correct you via listening. You can set up the camera in a angle that I can see your hands. For young children it’s best I can see your face too.

    4. We both will have a copy of the piece the student is looking at. Any new pieces that I think beneficial to learn, Zoom has “screen share” function which I can share from my screen. For practice purposes, I will send a copy of a new piece we are learning for the parent, parents will need to have a printer at home to help your child print out the music for practice.

    5. ABRSM has temporarily allowed sharing their exam pieces via online lessons without infringing copyright. I have a copy of all of the students’ books so we shouldn’t have a problem with using the same materials at Zoom lessons.

    6. At each online lesson, students will be asked to write down any homework they are given by themselves. For young children who are not able to do so I will write it down and send a copy of my note to the parent after each lesson.

    7. I will send you a meeting link before your lesson. Zoom has a waiting room function which allows me to authorize the participant without worrying about online security for each online lesson. You can log in the meeting 10 minutes before the lesson and wait in the waiting room until I admit you to our meeting.